Rent a Private Jet - What cost should I expect?

Flying by private jet is comfortable and convenient in many ways.

Are you a frequent traveler? Have you ever felt that even the first-class service offered by commercial airlines falls short of your expectations? If you’re seeking a level of luxury and convenience that exceeds these experiences, you might be drawn to the option of chartering a private jet. Subscribing to a Membership Card of a Private Jet Broker is another variant to get access to the world of Private Jet Travel. You essentially buy a certain amount of flight hours upfront and use them through a year. Yet, the pinnacle of freedom is achieved when you own your own private jet. However, before you take this significant step, it’s crucial to carefully evaluate whether the investment is genuinely warranted for your lifestyle and needs.

How much does it cost to fly on a Private Jet?​

Option 1: Cost of chartering a Private Jet

Determining the cost of chartering a private jet can vary significantly due to factors such as the number of passengers, cargo, destination, potential aircraft repositioning to accommodate your preferred route, and the specific type of aircraft chosen. There’s no straightforward hourly rate for chartering a private flight, and the cost disparity between chartered flights on heavy jets versus light jets is considerable.

For the most accurate estimation of your trip’s cost, it’s recommended to run your travel plans with one of our Air Charter Consultants. This service is completely free for you and ideal to get a first reliable ballpark estimate of what you can anticipate paying for your flight. There are several tools available online offering you price-indications directly through an algorithm. Although those tools will always fail with details but certainly good for a first impression. 

Chartering a Private Jet has the particular advantage that you have a price per flight and don’t have to expect any unpleasant surprises. So, you don’t need to pay monthly for maintenance, your crew, and flight operations. Especially with typical travel behavior, chartering a private jet is significantly more cost-effective.

A membership, also known as a Jet Card, offers a guaranteed price per flight hour over a year. These are usually more expensive than what you pay for an individual charter. However, there are exceptions as well. Especially during the peak summer season, a Jet Card can become more attractive if you plan to travel extensively during that time.

Ultimately, a private jet charter costs around 5,000 to 15,000 euros for a continental trip and up to 120,000 euros if you want to travel internationally with more than 10 guests. However, each flight is unique, and our Air Charter Consultants are more than happy to provide you with advice and assistance at no cost. 

Simply fill out your flight request, share your contact data with us and we will return as quickly as possible with a price estimation.

Or go for Empty Legs and save up to 90%

Whenever someone is renting a Private Jet, it should be noted that the aircraft ultimately needs to travel from its current parking position to the departure of the next flight for those passengers who have rented a Private Jet. To reap the benefits of this positioning flight, you can take advantage of the fact that the Private Jet’s positioning flight is already paid for by the next customer who travels after you. The schedule, however, is fixed and you require a certain amount of good luck combined with a Consultant, who can help you by providing you with the options by being aware and updating themselves on the market.

We understand the importance of finding an empty leg flight at an affordable rate. That’s why we offer you a comprehensive list of current Empty-Legs that we have direct booking. You can easily check them out here and choose the one that is most suitable for you. However, if you don’t find the flight you need on that list, don’t worry. Simply call or mail us and we will see whether we can combine your travel plans with the existing empty legs available on the market.

Option 2: Cost of buying a Private Jet

Being an owner of a Private Jet works for a small, defined group of individuals. However, no matter your situation, our team will guide you through the various options to find the proper aircraft solution for your needs. We at Capacity Aviation offer an array of solutions, from Aircraft Management, Revenue Generation as your Sales Agent to Private Jet Brokerage services.

For some individuals chartering a Private Jet makes more sense than flying less than 50 hours a year. However, if you are a frequent traveler with plus 50 hours, it may make sense to explore the ownership of a Private Jet for yourself.

The advantages of buying your own Private Jet:

  • Comfort and Exclusivity: The experience of flying privately takes you on a unique dimension. You are the owner of the aircraft and it can become an extension of your personal space. Traveling becomes unspeakably smoother and more comfortable.

  • Consistency: When you know the names of your crew operating your Private Jet and the cabin layout is exactly what you wanted, the payoff is priceless. Being able to fly with the same trusted crew of Pilots and Flight Attendants offers an experience not found in any other type of Private Jet traveling. You could compare the experience with your own limousine driver. 

  • Customization: If you want your cabin to be painted silver, it’s your freedom to do so. Whether you need WiFi on board or a bed to rest while traveling, you can easily choose your aircraft and configure it the way you desire. 

  • Revenue Generation: Owning a Private Jet doesn’t mean it needs to sit around at an airport when you don’t fly it. You can choose an Aircraft Management Company that sells the free capacity of your jet making up a fair portion of the monthly cost of owning your own Jet. Ask our Consultancy about those strategies.

The barries to buying a Private Jet:

  • Investment Cost and Operation: Depending on whether your Private Jet shall be off the factory or used, aircraft can range in price from 750 thousand euros to 120 million Euros. A pre-owned Cessna Citation XLS+, which is a popular Light Jet, would cost somewhere between 4 to 7 million euros to purchase. Additionally, a Private Jet needs to be operated and those costs can go up to 1.5 million euros (depreciation included). Those costs mainly consist of Fuel, Maintenance, Crew expenses, Catering, Landing & Parking Fees, and Aircraft Management fees.
  • Flying Staff & Aircraft Management: The cost of a Private Jet also includes the salaries for Pilots. Currently, a crew-set consisting of two Pilots would cost approximately 120 thousand euros per year. Training costs of approximately 10 thousand euros per year are not included. All of this needs to be managed and there are companies like Capacity Aviation that offer aircraft management and revenue generation as a service.

Option 3: Cost of a Private Jet subscription

Enrolling in a private flight club membership offers the advantage of being able to swiftly reserve domestic or international flights on a variety of jets at fixed hourly rates for you. To become a member, travelers acquire memberships through a charter company, granting access to its fleet of jets. These memberships are typically available in annual packages, requiring a minimum commitment of one year.

Each of these choices provides the bespoke experience of tailored travel without the burden of aircraft management and its associated expenses for you. It’s advisable to explore different options and compare offerings. Multiple competitors provide alternatives such as charter flights, fractional jet ownership, and private flight memberships.

Considering the substantial annual operational costs of maintaining a jet, this investment proves cost-effective primarily for you if you are a frequent flyer with specific requirements. Budget-wise this lays closer to chartering a Private Jet rather than to owning your own Jet considering the initial investment cost.

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No matter the complexity or demands of the task, our operations team provides 24/7 flight support worldwide, catering to both passenger and cargo operations.

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