Air Charter for Groups

With our Air Charter for Groups, you and your group enjoy unparalleled flexibility, allowing you to set your own schedule and choose your preferred destinations.

Say goodbye to long check-in lines and flight delays. Our safety standards ensure a secure and comfortable journey. Enjoy the exclusivity, catering to your specific needs and preferences.

Ideal for corporate travel, family vacations, or special events, our Group Charter offers an unmatched travel experience with full flexibility. Save time, travel in style, and create memorable experiences with Group Charter.

Group Charter

Capacity Aviation tailors individual Air Charter for Groups, ideally for company events, product presentations, trade fairs, concerts, sports events, and much more. Starting with 10 passengers, we offer attractive air charter solutions as an alternative to scheduled commercial flights. For large groups, we organize and coordinate several charter flights for you to arrive at the same time, on your own schedule, time and location.

The Advantages of Group Charter

Booking an Air Charter for a Group with Capacity Aviation provides you with the benefits of convenience and flexibility a charter aircraft brings. We organize everything around your desired departure times, and also make changes possible, even at short notice. Your group is not bound to any rigid flight schedules of commercial airlines.

Traveling in comfort and saving time are some of the main advantages of a group charter. All passengers arrive at their destination together and at the same time. Both, when departing and at your destination, you enjoy a discrete, fast, and straightforward check-in at the General Aviation Terminal instead of the cramped public Airport Terminals.

Group Charters are cost-effective, even if you are only a few passengers traveling together. In most cases, a group charter is cheaper and provides more value to your traveling passengers. Comparable group booking rates with commercial airlines charge more than chartering your own commercial airplane. Thus group charter allows reasonably priced travel with less stress, more convenience, and control.

We organize all the logistics around your flight. You will have one of our Group Charter Experts as a single point of contact always on your side. That also includes ground transportation solutions if needed.

With Air Charter for Groups, we take all your requirements in mind and work together with you to develop an individual concept for each and every flight. Whether you desire the most valuable deal or take your Group Charter as luxuriously as possible: All that is possible and our Experts team up with you to find your individual solution.

As an example, many of our customers desire customized branding on board the aircraft. Your company can stay visible on the outside as a custom livery or on the inside, for example with the headrest cover. There are no limits and we will always find a special way to make your brand public while flying.

Another example of the benefits of chartering a jet for groups is the individual catering you can order with us. A variety of menu options are available. Obviously, the catering quality is far front of, what is presented on commercial aircraft. 

With us, you don’t have to organize everything and talk to multiple contacts for different services, not to mention impersonal call centers. When you book your Air Charter for Groups with us, one of our experts will be available for you 24 hours a day for any queries, requests, or changes. Depending on the flight, we will also supervise your flights, and live at a place for you.

Additional Services for your Air Charter for Groups

We are proud of our excellent service as we take care of everything around your flight, down to the last detail. Our additional services can be (but not limited to):

  • Individual catering on board, before departure or after landing.
  • Separate & discrete check-in & baggage services at special terminals (General Aviation Terminals).
  • Special on-board services alike entertainment or presentations.
  • Comfortable transfers from & to the airport

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Group Travel

Corporate Flights

Corporate Flights

For businesses, nothing is more essential than making sure that mobility is a top priority in order to achieve success. At Capacity Aviation, we recognize and understand just how significant this feature is, which is why we pride ourselves on our specialized services in providing tailored travel solutions that cater to your specific needs. Whether you’re in need of light aircraft or larger corporate jets, our corporate air charter team is more than capable of providing you with the ultimate mobility experience.

Our team of experts is well aware that every travel brief is unique, and that’s why they’re well-equipped to handle a variety of corporate events ranging from international exhibitions, MICE, trade shows, board meetings, face-to-face representation, and all sorts of customer entertainment. We’re dedicated to providing the highest levels of comfort and safety, all while ensuring that you reach your desired destination with ease.

Our team has the expertise that enables them to identify the most suitable corporate jet types based on your destination, point of departure, and group size, ensuring that your experience is as smooth as possible. At Capacity Aviation, we are committed to delivering nothing short of excellence when it comes to providing you with the ultimate mobility experience, and you can trust that we will deliver on all fronts, every time.

Governmental Flights

Governmental Flights

At Capacity Aviation, we understand the importance of international travel for government, NGO, and military personnel. We know that these trips can be unpredictable and vital, which is why we handle all charter flights with the utmost care and discretion. We offer solutions for all types of international engagements. Whether you need diplomatic tours, personnel evacuation, or repatriation services, we have the network to make it happen.

We guarantee that your travel needs will be met on time, on budget, and with the utmost comfort. Our team of experts will assist you with all the necessary permits for overflight, landing, and diplomatic clearance, regardless of the destination. We cater to all aspects of your government charter flight, ensuring that you have the best experience possible. From on-the-ground transportation to specialist catering requirements, we’ve got you covered.

Trust us to make your international travel plans smarter, easier, and more efficient.

Sport Event Flights

Sport Flights

At Capacity Aviation, we understand that sports teams need to travel in comfort and be at their best upon arrival at their destination. That’s why we offer exceptional sports teams and group charters that cater to all your needs. Our team of dedicated sporting event charter managers is available to organize every aspect of your journey, including on-the-ground transport and delicious meals in the air.

With access to a vast range of customizable sports team private jets, we can ensure that your teams, sports stars, directors, and sponsors arrive rested and ready for action. Whether you participate in club football, rugby, basketball, athletics, or any other high-performance discipline, our customizable and professional sports air charter services are available to cater to your specific needs. At Capacity Aviation, we value the privacy of our clients and guarantee that arrivals and departures are handled with the utmost discretion. So, why worry about travel logistics?

Rely on us to take care of them and let your team focus on what they do best.

Music & Entertainment Flights

Sport Air Charter & Entertainment Air Charter

Are you a musician or part of an entertainment team planning for a world tour or a one-time performance? Capacity Aviation’s air charter for music tours is your best bet for a comfortable and stylish tour experience. We understand that as professionals, arriving at your destination feeling healthy, relaxed, and ready to give your best performance is vital. That’s where our specialist music and entertainment team comes in. We pay attention to every detail, regardless of how minute they may seem, to ensure your performance is always pitch-perfect.

From solo performers to entire entourages, we take care of all the necessary arrangements to ensure even the most complex itineraries run without a hitch. All you need to do is tell us your needs, and we’ll take care of the rest. So, whether you’re on a world tour, a movie event, or a one-time performance, getting a dedicated plane for hire has never been easier with Capacity Aviation.

Trust us, and you’ll take to the stage feeling rested and ready always!

MICE Flights

MICE Flights

At Capacity Aviation, we comprehend that organizing an event or trip can be a very demanding task. That is precisely why our dedicated meetings, incentives, conferences, and events (MICE) air charter for groups team is always available to assist you.

From board meetings and product launches to team-building activities and global exhibitions, our proficient team can manage everything from inception to conclusion, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable travel experience. Our support covers all your travel requirements, including multiple destination flights, airport representation, custom catering, onboard corporate branding, and complete aircraft livery options.

With our adept MICE and special events charter team by your side, you can rest assured that every aspect will be handled with utmost attention and care. Whether you are traveling for a business conference, new product market launch, industry summit, or incentive trip for your entire staff, Capacity Aviation has everything taken care of for you. It would be our pleasure to assist you, please do not hesitate to contact our team today and let us help you arrange the perfect trip.

Oil, Gas & Mining Flights

In the oil and gas industries, precision and attention to detail are crucial to success. To accommodate the urgent demands and commonly occurring deadlines, it is essential to have a dependable partner to handle the complicated logistics and unforeseen changes. At Capacity Aviation, our dedication to providing high-quality aircraft charters is tailored to suit the specific needs of these industries.

Our experienced support team is committed to ensuring efficient and swift transportation of both personnel and goods. We recognize the importance of precision planning to rotate staff rosters, facilitate site visits, move equipment, and handle crew evacuations promptly. Skyllence is well-equipped to deliver on time-critical requirements for the oil and gas sectors; our expertise and commitment to excellence ensure our customers can focus on meeting their objectives.

Partner with Capacity Aviation and be confident that you have a reliable and dedicated air charter for groups expert at your side.

Special Mission Flights

At this air charter service, we’re proud to say that our flexibility and expertise sets us apart from the competition. We understand that every special mission charter is unique and presents a range of challenging variables. That’s why we’re committed to providing our clients with clear and concise solutions, regardless of the circumstances they’re facing.

Whether it’s repatriation flights during a global pandemic, aid delivery during natural disasters, or emergency evacuations, our team is equipped to handle any situation. We know how important it is to provide rapid and effective support when every second counts. That’s why we work tirelessly to get your passengers or cargo to their destination as quickly and safely as possible.

Our talented personnel have years of hands-on experience dealing with unpredictable scenarios, including medical emergencies and urgent extractions. With our extensive global aviation network, we can confidently guarantee our ability to provide on-the-ground assistance anywhere in the world. No challenge is impossible for our air charter for group experts.

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No matter the complexity or demands of the task, our operations team provides 24/7 flight support worldwide, catering to both passenger and cargo operations.

Tel: +49 40 228 97 144

Mail: [email protected]

The information you provide in this web form will be used to respond to your inquiry, using the contact details you have supplied. This information may be shared with members of our corporate group to facilitate this. Please also note our privacy policy.

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No matter the complexity or demands of the task, our operations team provides 24/7 flight support worldwide, catering to both passenger and cargo operations.

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The information you provide in this web form will be used to respond to your inquiry, using the contact details you have supplied. This information may be shared with members of our corporate group to facilitate this. Please also note our privacy policy.