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Learn why VELOCITY, the Private Jet division of Capacity Aviation is the #1 for Private Jet Charters

Our Approach is different; We side with you & your travel plans. From Searching the right Jet to your Limousine at the Destination. 

As your Private Jet Consultant, we are your gate to a global fleet of over 7,000 aircraft at the best price. 

The booking process with us is easy, personal, and professional. Let our Consultants become your trusted partner

Buy as you fly

No hidden cost, no membership cost. You choose your Aircraft from our options and complete your booking. Be ready for take off in as little as three hours. Your personal Air Charter Consultant side's with you through the whole journey.

Unlimited options

Our Private Jet network spans over 7.000 aircraft. We guide you through the variety of options, assisting with your choice and side along with your private jet experience. Whatever you need, we are there to make it happen.

Signature Service

Our travellers value service as much as they do prices. Access our outstanding Private Jet Charter services, from A to Z, all around your travel plans. Your Private Jet travel in in industry experts hands.

Hassle free journey

Avoid check-ins, long queues, delays and missing connecting flights. Everything is taken care of for you. Our back-up service even provides a 2nd Jet at no additional cost if your Private Jet has a technical issue.

Dining a la carte

First class dining is always included with us. No wish is too special. We organise your favourite restaurant on board, take care of your allergies and preferences. Learn more about your catering options.

Pets fly for free

Your furry family belongs to you and travels with you in the cabin. We organise everything around. From treats, immigrations and toys. Just let your Air Charter Consultant know your preferences.

Exclusive Offers & Options with our Private Jets

Certified Private Jets

Discover our Access to over 7,000 Safety Inspected Private Jets globally. Choose your Jet while we answer all of your questions, whether that’s Private Jet Cost, Private cost per flight hour etc.

Live Market Rates

One-Way Private Jet Charter Empty Legs and Special Deals with Capacity Aviation. You can save up to 90% with Empty Leg Flights on Capacity’s Charter. Be quick and save with our famous empty legs.

Looking for a Business Jet Charter?

Are you a company looking to charter a private jet? Our Business Jet Charter is the ideal solution for you. Bookable as a single Charter or with your personal Account with us!

Looking for a Group Charter?

Are you more than 19 People? Consider Air Charter for Groups with up to 200 Passengers. Both, Commercial Aircraft and VIP Aircraft are possible. Learn more by simply calling us.

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Renting your Private Jet with Capacity is convenient & easy. Your dedicated Air Charter Consultant sides with you throughout your journey.

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Reach out to our team round-the-clock with your flight requirements and preferences.

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Evaluate the pricing and our suggested aircraft options presented in a personalized proposal.

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Your assigned Account Manager will handle all the particulars on your behalf.

Everything about Private Jets - Your Guide

From countless conversations with our passengers, we know most of the questions that may come up before your flight in a private aircraft with us. We are here to help you by providing answers to most of the frequently asked questions.

How much does it cost to hire a Private Jet?

Private Jets are used for many occasions. VIP flights, Group Charters, or Business flights are just a few options out of a wide range to choose from when chartering a plane. It is no surprise that a universally applicable price calculator may not be as accurate. It is all about your flight requirements and they vary from each passenger drastically. Our consultants, among other information, need to know the following elements:

  • Flight route (one-way, return, or multiple flights)
  • Desired aircraft / Private Jet
  • Baggage on board
  • Any special services required 

These are just a few items that influence the price. The number of passengers is very important too. Typically, the cost per seat on a plane reduces itself the more passengers are traveling together. However, the length of your flight mostly corresponds directly with the price as well. 

What is an Empty Leg?

A positioning flight, also called an empty leg, is a good way to save money when chartering a private jet. Sometimes, a passenger only requires a one-way flight, and the aircraft has to make a positioning flight for this. This positioning flight can now be used as an empty-leg flight and costs only occur for this exact flight, without any other positioning fee.

Learn more about empty-leg flights here.

Which range can a Private Jet fly?

The Private Jet market is divided by its classes, typically identified by their maximum range and seat capacity. The smallest and most cost-effective Private Jet is a Very Light Jet, which flies on short-haul flights and with up to 4 passengers. International flights are flown by the Heavy or Ultra Long Range Class and those Jets take up to 16 passengers without refueling.  However, even smaller Jets can fly intercontinental if the passengers are happy to accept a fuel stop on their journey. For your guidance, we have put together a list of Private Jets and their non-stop range.

Private Jet ClassAircraft ExamplePrice / HourFlight Time (up to)Capacity (passengers)

Very Light Jets

Cessna Citation M2

From 2,500 Euro2h30Up to 4

Light Jets

Cessna Citation CJ3

From 3,000 Euro2h45-3h30Up to 6

Super Light Jets

Pilatus PC-24

From 4,000 Euro3h45-4h30Up to 8

Midsize Jets

Bombardier Learjet 75

From 5,000 Euro4h30-5h30Up to 9

Super Midsize Jets

Cessna Citation Longitude

From 6,000 Euro5h30-6h30Up to 9

Heavy Jets

Embraer Legacy 650

From 7,000 Euro6h30-7h30Up to 13

Ultra Long Range Jets

Bombardier Global 5500

From 8,500 Euro7h50-10h00Up to 16

VIP Airliner

Airbus A319 ACJ

From 12.500 Euro10h00-14h00Up to 36

Please keep in mind that these figures are theoretical. The actual range may vary. The factors that impact the range of an aircraft are, for example, the weather and the weight of the aircraft, including the passengers and their luggage.

See our whole fleet with their ranges & amenities here.

How much luggage can a Private Jet take?

How much luggage can a Private Jet fit

Usually, a Private Jet is chosen by the length of the flight and the passengers on board. If all seats are taken by passengers, one normal-sized piece of luggage and one piece of hand luggage can travel along. If fewer passengers travel than seats are available, more luggage will fit into the aircraft. With bulky luggage, like golf, skis, or kite equipment, it is better to take a bigger aircraft than what the flight usually would require. 

Most Private Jet allows to access the luggage during a flight as the luggage compartment is in the back of the aircraft, connected to the passenger cabin, and that can be extremely convenient.

If there’s more than the usual luggage it can be very useful to mention this with your air charter consultant from the beginning to assess the right cabin size from the beginning.

Which Private Jets are offering beds & bedrooms?

Bedroom Privatejet

Mainly bigger aircraft, starting with the Super Midsize category offer a sleep arrangement on board. This can be very convenient on longer, intercontinental or night flights. Smaller Private Jet categories usually do not offer any real sleeping arrangements, however, seats on Private Jets mostly have a reclining feature allowing for some rest during a flight.

There are Private Jets that come with a full sleeping and bathroom. Starting with the Heavy Jet category, aircraft mostly offer a fully closeable sleeping room and separate bathroom. Some even with a full-sized shower.

Can pets fly on a Private Jet?

Your cat, dog, or other small pets are welcome to fly with you in the cabin of a Private Jet. Your furry friend is always welcome to join you along your journey. Just let your Air Charter Consultant know who’s traveling with you and everything around will be organized for you. 

Depending on the country of visit there are some necessary regulations to consider for pets before crossing the border. Our team will guide you through and help you with all the arrangements required before you take off.

A selection of catering will be provided, just as we do this for our 2-legged passengers. 

Learn more about Flying with a Pet by Private Jet.

Is smoking allowed on board of a chartered Private Jet?

Since the 1990s smoking has not been allowed when flying on a scheduled airline flight. However, this regulation does not affect you when hiring a Private Jet. Most Private Jet operators do allow smoking on board and if you plan to do so, just let us know prior and we will organize a Private Jet where you can smoke cigarettes, cigars, or pipes.

Ask us anything

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When you contact us, we’ll assign to you a dedicated account manager who will give you a range of quotes for you to choose from. Each quote will have details of aircraft and airports, and why they’ve been selected for you.

Should you choose to go ahead with a booking, your account manager will book the aircraft and supply you with all the details of your flight. This person will be your first point of contact for any enquiries going forward and will meet you at the terminal on the day of your flight if possible. From the minute you receive your quote, they can be contacted 24/7.

Your dedicated account manager will provide a selection of aircraft that are best suited to your trip, and will help with your final selection.

Typically you can travel with more luggage when you fly on a private jet than if you were travelling on a commercial airliner. When you’re selecting aircraft for your journey, your account manager will consider your luggage requirements. If you decide to increase the luggage you’ll be taking with you, we can upgrade you to another aircraft.

Most airports have private terminals, and passengers of private flights are permitted to use these facilities along with VIP lounges where available. A private jet charter is a great way to avoid queues and unnecessary delays, and, in some cases, you can check in just minutes before take-off and drive directly to the aircraft for boarding. For example, Hamburg Airport is having their own General Aviation Terminal, which you can see here. Your Account Manager will provide you with all information regarding your flights & terminals to use.

A private jet charter is one of the kindest ways to transport your pet from one destination to another, but keep in mind that certain regulations apply when flying to and from the UK with a companion animal. These include providing a pet passport with proof that they’re microchipped, and that their rabies vaccinations are up to date. It’s a good idea to consult with your veterinary practitioner about the exact requirements when leaving the UK, as well as at your destination country and upon return. We’d also be happy to supply you with this information. You can read further which airport and charter airline is approved by the UK Government.

The cost of traveling with a Private Jet varies from flight to flight. However, it is safe to say, that it costs approximately as much as a First Class ticket when traveling with more than 2 passengers. 

The cheapest Private Jet price is achieved when flying on so-called empty legs. Many don’t know this, but Private Jets often need to position for their next departure and that positioning flight is already been paid for. You can take advantage of this and get this flight with a reduction of up to 90%.

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No matter the complexity or demands of the task, our operations team provides 24/7 flight support worldwide, catering to both passenger and cargo operations.

Tel: +49 40 228 97 144

Mail: [email protected]

The information you provide in this web form will be used to respond to your inquiry, using the contact details you have supplied. This information may be shared with members of our corporate group to facilitate this. Please also note our privacy policy.